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Technology Services for Marketing Research Companies.

      Mystery Shopping Solutions provides technology solutions for Marketing Research Companies all over the world. We provide a wide range of services from simple shopper/rep registration to scheduling systems to IVR/Web data entry and client reporting. We are targeting small to mid-size companies anywhere in the world, with no minimum project size requirements, very reasonable programming costs, and very low shop fees(compared to our competition).

     We have some clients for whom we provide only one small service, and others for whom we provide many services. We have some clients for whom we host their data entry forms on our site, and others who host their own forms on their own site.

      Some of the services we can provide are: Shopper/rep registration, scheduling systems, IVR/Web report entry, client reporting, telephone call recording, email hosting, web site hosting.

      Many of the "free" services that we have on our shopper/rep and scheduler menus can very easily be adapted to be used for most Mystery Shopping, Demonstration or Merchandising Companies. Schedulers are more than welcome to post jobs on our job board, and contact the over 9000 shoppers(reps) in our database when there are jobs to be filled. Shoppers(reps) are invited to register in our database and then have access to the job board, a job organizer, and other free services that we provide.

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